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Sayama Corporation
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Sayama is specialized in handling Pressure and Flow related equipment including Pressure sensors and Flow sensors. 
They mostly come from overseas manufacturers supplying best quality products in each application field.

Sayama also supplies original equipment made in house like digital manometers and low pressure hand pumps.
Sayama has a broad product portfolio that allows you to select the best product to match
your exact application requirements in pressure and flow fields.

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Founder Hidetoshi Kimura
President Hiroshi Watanabe
Founded 1970
Company Name Sayama Corporation
6-10-12, Higashi-jujo, Kita-ku,
Tokyo, JAPAN     
Zip Code: 1140001
TEL: 81-3-3903-2181   
FAX: 81-3-3903-0123
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Sayama Corporation Pressure Sensor Manoace (Digital Manometer)
LPM 100 (Low Pressure Calibrate) LPG 100 (hand pump & Stabilizer)
DFS (Flow Meter Sensor)
Overseas Trade Client
Setra (Link)
KELLER America (Link)
Proportion-Air (Link)
Digmesa AG (Link)
BD Sensors (Link)
McMillan Company (Link)
Tecflow Intemational (Link)
Honeywell (Link)
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